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Montavilla Sheet Metal specializes in custom metal flashing in every size and variation for your specific needs. Ranging from Cap metal to Edge metal and everything in between, we carry a wide selection of profiles to choose from or bring in one of your own. Metal flashing and edge metal is used in a variety of applications: residential or commercial, by contractors or DIY homeowners.  

All metal flashing is custom made to order and therefore anything can be drawn up and created. Flashing is typically made from 24 and 26 gauge metal with pieces up to 10 feet long. We can custom order from a large array of bare and painted metals to suite your color choice.

Cap Metal

Metal cap flashing used for all varieties of roof styles.

IMG_2106 2.jpg
Custom Cap Metal

Edge Metal

Metal edge flashing for every kind of straight or radius metal edge.

Custom Edge Metal
Flashing Gallery
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