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Egress and Standard Window Wells

Egress window wells are designed to meet building code standards for entry and exit through a below grade window in the case of an emergency. On the other hand, Area wells provide access to any below grade opening such as a window, vent, or duct. Area Wells can also be ordered in various styles such as round, straight, and casement along with any desirable size.


Both Egress and Area Wells are available in a galvanized mill, white, or stonewall finish.

Egress Window Well
Specifically sized to complete your below grade egress system meeting the minimum standard projection of 36" to allow for emergency egress.
Round Style Standard Well
Most commonly 37" wide with any desired height. Available in many other sizes. 
Straight Style Well
Ranging from 37" to 91" wide, available in a variety of projections. Most commonly custom ordered. 
Casement Style Well
Available in various wights and heights special ordered. 

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