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Common Roofing Panels

At Montavilla sheet metal we're here to help you with your roofing projects, by providing a variety of panels in a variety of color, and we can fabricate any trim and flashing pieces needed.

Metal roofing panels are most commonly found ranging from a gauge of 24-29.

Take a look below at some of our common roofing profiles and talk to one or our team members to find out a what metal roofing would suite your needs best. 

Ask to take a look at our custom color selection.

Delta Rib
With a 24" coverage, the narrower panels provide more strength while also allowing for easier instal on high sloped roofs. 
Coming in a durable 24" coverage panel, the corrugated style panel gives a more traditional appearance to your project. 
Magna Rib
With a larger panel providing 36" of coverage, the Magna Rib is a popular option that balances size, strength, and value. 
Spanning 36" of coverage and being constructed out of a heavier gauge, this panel excels in the industrial and commercial setting.

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